The Admins of the Obsidian Loft server are proud to announce the launch of our newest update:

 Have you ever played skyblock and wanted more? Wanted to play it with mods? Or have you played so many Ex Nihilo based mod packs that you're tired from sifting and want a change? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Modern Skyblock is the mod pack for you! Unlike your traditional Ex Nihilo skyblock pack, this one is based around a mod called Sky Resources with a different and unique progression line. Instead of sifting for resources, you get them through alchemy and technology. You also practically have all the mods in the world to play with, but not all are available from the very beginning. It features 200+ mods, 880+ quests and 5 modes.


  • The Twitch App to download it
  • At least 4.5-5GB of RAM allocated to the pack.
  • A decent CPU.

Visit the forum page for more info and to discuss!

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n/m was able to just get a /home in.
Cant login to the modern skyblock 2 server, it seems like im stuck in a block where i died and keeps booting me.
We now have Space Astronomy.
Is the terrafirmapunk server still going?
Whos excited for a server reset... YAAY
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