We've just launched a new vanilla server with lots of fun stuff to do!

Come check it out. We have:

  • Survival

Use /backpack to access your backpack

Use /marry to marry someone else in the game

We have Choptree so no floating trees are left ingame

Protection with WorldGuard

More stuff on the way! Keep an eye on the forums!

  • Plotland

Make whatever you want in a creative world!

  • Skyblocks - AcidIsland

Acid Island is a fun take on Skyblocks - there is water all around and it is ACID! It hurts if you touch it! Also, when it rains it rains Acid Rain! This also hurts you, so be careful! There's the usual challenges and also a Glasshouse plugin which lets you create a glasshouse on your island in which you can change the biome!

  • Gamesland

Only a couple of games so far, but more to come! Play Insanity Run and Paint War with your friends!

Read more in the Forum!

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n/m was able to just get a /home in.
Cant login to the modern skyblock 2 server, it seems like im stuck in a block where i died and keeps booting me.
We now have Space Astronomy.
Is the terrafirmapunk server still going?
Whos excited for a server reset... YAAY
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