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FTB Infinity Evolved

What is FTB Infinity Evolved?

FTB Infinity Evolved is our first evolution of bringing a whole new way of playing our mod packs. Your normal FTB Infinity worlds will remain exactly how they are now, however a simple command entered by you on a single player world or your admin on a multi-player server will introduce a huge change to the recipes of the various items. Our goal here is to create a pack that will extend your gameplay without introducing massive amounts of grind.

How do we do this?

We have taken a long hard look at the items that all the mods introduce to FTB Infinity and look at their relative strengths. In the tech tree, we have locked the most powerful items (Like Applied Energistics sorting systems) behind gates unlocked by progressing through other mods. On top of this, we have changed up the recipes of a lot of your favorite items by bringing in ingredients from other mods. For example the Basic Machine Frame needed for most Thermal Expansion machines requires parts built with Tinkers Construct, Forestry, Buildcraft, and Railcraft.

On top of this we are introducing 2 new custom made mods into FTB Infinity, FTB Tweaks and FTB Utilities.

FTB Tweaks is a very simple mod that introduces the concept of game modes. This allows you to set up multiple minetweaker profiles and switch between them on the fly, giving the ability to switch game modes without a server restart.

FTB Utilities adds a ton of new awesome features, all nested within a easy to use in game GUI.

More information on the FTB Infinity Evolved site.

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This week we discuss:

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  • Feed the Beast: Infinity Evolved
  • XBox Minecraft by Microsoft and 4J Studios
  • Pocket Edition Minecraft by Dinnerbone and tomcc
  • Minesweeper
  • Console update
  • Minecraft is the third biggest game ever
  • Minigames
  • New sounds
  • Robot spiders
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