The Admins of the Obsidian Loft server are proud to announce the launch of our newest server... mostly about Magic, called:

Simply Magic

 Simply Magic is an Hardcore Questing Pack in which players are walked through core magic mods without the comforts of vanilla or otherwise "technological" armors and weapons. Quests are provided supplemental to in-game documentation and provide a tutorial-like experience to those that wish to learn magic mods without the hardcore aspects that other magic-themed packs demand. Additional documentation is provided in-game for core gameplay changes, and players will also find an array of automation-themed challenges for those that wish to prove their mastery in magic.

Simply Magic aims to fill the niche that Mage Quest is no longer able to. Simply Magic provides in-game documentation in a tutorial-like experience for the following mods:

  • Ars Magica
  • Aura Cascade
  • Thaumcraft
  • Botania
  • Mystcraft
  • Blood Magic
  • Witchery

Head on over to the Obsidian Loft forum Simply Magic announcement post for more info and discussion.

We've just launched a new vanilla server with lots of fun stuff to do!

Come check it out. We have:

  • Survival

Use /backpack to access your backpack

Use /marry to marry someone else in the game

We have Choptree so no floating trees are left ingame

Protection with WorldGuard

More stuff on the way! Keep an eye on the forums!

  • Plotland

Make whatever you want in a creative world!

  • Skyblocks - AcidIsland

Acid Island is a fun take on Skyblocks - there is water all around and it is ACID! It hurts if you touch it! Also, when it rains it rains Acid Rain! This also hurts you, so be careful! There's the usual challenges and also a Glasshouse plugin which lets you create a glasshouse on your island in which you can change the biome!

  • Gamesland

Only a couple of games so far, but more to come! Play Insanity Run and Paint War with your friends!

Read more in the Forum!

This week we discuss:

  • Minecraft by Notch
  • XBox Minecraft by Microsoft and 4J Studios
  • Pocket Edition Minecraft by Tommaso Checchi
  • Feed the Beast: Space Astronomy
  • Minecraft: The Movie
  • Minecraft on the Apple TV
  • Update 1.11 - llamas, illagers and more!
  • Minecraft: Storymode - free!
  • Minecraft: Education Edition

Skeletal horses!

[Owner] WauloK a posted Nov 7, 16

I had just completed building a horse pen and was going to find some horses when suddenly lightning struck next to me and in spawned four skeletal horses with skeletons on their backs!

I quickly ran out the gate I had made and locked them in. They tried to shoot me, but in the process the skeletons hit each other. They then began shooting each other while I stayed outside and watched.

In the end, only one skeleton was left on a horse. I soon killed him off and we were left with four skeletal horses in a horse pen I had just made :)

Skeletal horses

This week we discuss:

  • Minecraft by Notch
  • XBox Minecraft by Microsoft and 4J Studios
  • Pocket Edition Minecraft by Tommaso Checchi
  • Feed the Beast: Space Astronomy
  • Minecraft on the Oculus Rift
  • Twitch buys Curse
  • Story mode: Episode 8, “Journey’s end”
  • “Something mean” (Musical parody)
  • FTB: Unstable 1.10
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We now have Space Astronomy.
Is the terrafirmapunk server still going?
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