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This week we discuss:
  • Minecraft by Notch
  • XBox Minecraft by Microsoft and 4J Studios
  • Minesweeper by Majib1
  • PocketMine by Dinnerbone and tomcc
  • MCPC+ / Cauldron
  • Attack of the B-Team modpack
  • SERVER TOUR : minecraftparty.com

The Obsidian Loft podcast is an Australian show about Minecraft and it's variations including Bukkit and Feed The Beast. Each week WauloK, Badangel and mrtomkinson chat about new features and have How-To tutorials.
Visit us at http://www.ObsidianLoft.com/
All music is provided free by FreeStockMusic.com
Hey everyone!

The server has just been updated to the new version of Attack of the B-Team.

If you had updated your client before the server is updated you will have problems. This will happen every time a new Attack of the B-Team update comes out.

Please stick to the current version until we announce the server has been updated. The server can take a long time to update and we want to be sure it's working properly. I also don't like jumping in and updating before a bunch of other servers have already tested it.

It works fine now. The forum is definitely the place to post any issues.


- WauloK

This week we discuss:

  • Block-throwing tornado
  • A new underwater mob
  • Update to Realms
  • Pocket Edition update
  • Twilight Forest update
  • Notes from Notch
  • Cliffhorse
  • SERVER TOUR : mineslam.me

This week we discuss:

  •     Prismarine blocks
  •     Minecraft in Minecraft
  •     Magic Nether Portals
  •     Attack of the B-Team
  •     SERVER TOUR : emenbee.net

This week we discuss:

  • XBox One, XBox 360, Playstation 4 & Vita.
  • Super Mario Bros
  • PocketMine
  • Attack of the B-Team

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